In the heart of the Dolomites, the Gardeccia refuge will give you emotions and colours

Rifugio Gardeccia: passion for the mountains. Nestled among the impressive peaks of the Catinaccio Group, the Gardeccia refuge has 43 beds distributed in 20 rooms. Managed with passion, the rooms reflect the simple and alpine style typical of Val di Fassa and offer a comfortable refuge for those who want to spend unforgettable days at high altitude.

The Refuge Gardeccia: passion for the mountain with its cuisine, masterfully guided by Mario, delights visitors with the delicacies of local tradition. For this reason, each dish can be accompanied by a selection of craft beers or a refined glass of Trentino wine, recommended with skill by Marco.

On sunny days, the surrounding area turns into a hiking paradise, with a wide choice of walks, via ferrata and climbing suitable for all levels while for the youngest, Meadows, woods and a pretty stream offer the ideal setting to play safely.

When the rain or the snow appear, a well-stocked mountain library invites guests to spend time in the refuge, immersed in books telling stories of alpine adventures. However, even the bad weather can not blur the beauty of the mountain: its majesty is even more fascinating in the rain or snow, giving visual experiences and not only, unique.

Whether the sun shines or the clouds accumulate, the refuge looks like a cozy and charming place, ready to offer a safe and warm corner to its guests.

The Gardecci Refuge in time

Our History

At the end of the nineteenth century, the first tourists began to flock to the picturesque basin of Gardeccia. In the midst of the haymaking activities and the care of the grazing animals, Bepo de Medil and his father, Giuseppe Desilvestro, had the illuminating intuition to open a small shelter.

In 1902, construction of the shelter began, arousing immediate interest and achieving considerable success, offering shelter and hospitality to those who dared to explore and admire the wonders of the surrounding area.

Fortune smiled at them when the refuge hosted famous and illustrious people, including King Albert I of Belgium and the legendary Devil of the Dolomites, Tita Piaz. From Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom, tourists fascinated by the natural beauty offered by the region began to flock bringing home with them a memory so strong and alive to transmit the enthusiasm even to those who listened to their story.


Passion... not work

The management of the refuge then passed into the hands of Adolfo Desilvestro, known as Doro, younger son of Bepo de Medil. With love and dedication, Doro worked tirelessly to expand and renovate the refuge inherited from his father, supported by his wife Maria, who with her culinary passion took care of the kitchen for almost fifty years making delight thousands of tourists.

Doro and Maria had six children: Beppino, Ida, Marco, Lucia, Mario and Giovanna, who contributed with their help to carry on the management of the refuge until 2009.

From that moment, it was the sons Marco and Mario who shared the passion and dedication of their predecessors, continuing the management of the refuge with a family bond that extended for over a century. This long tradition of hospitality and love for the mountains makes the refuge a place rich in history and family warmth, ready to welcome guests with the same passion and love that has marked its centenary history.


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